medical massage therapy

Origins Behind Health
and Wellness Coaching

I began studying bodywork in 2008 at the Cortiva Institute in Seattle WA. I opened my private practice in 2010 and worked in Seattle with wonderful clients until the summer of 2015. I have had many wonderful teachers along the way and have studied with some of the best and brightest who are expanding the definition of therapeutic massage therapy.

After a hiatus in Honduras where I spent 6 months teaching English to school children and adults, my partner BreeAnn and I came to Reno. In 2015, we decided we were here to stay and bought a house. So I opened up my practice here, known as Nevada Bodyworks, and continued providing therapeutic massage and Chinese cupping.

In July of 2016 something happened that changed my life. After several days of not feeling well I went to the emergency room and was told that I needed open heart surgery. The surgery made me reevaluate my practice, my life and what I wanted to leave behind. It made me realize that there was more to helping people than therapeutic touch. I needed to create a practice that combined the mind body connection that is tied so intimately together. I created a program that combined Science Based Health and Wellness Coaching with Therapeutic Massage to unleash the full human potential for change.

Backed By Wellcoaches®

To create this new program I needed additional training. My research brought me to Wellcoaches®. A Wellcoaches® certification is the gold standard in science-based health and wellness training, education and certification. Wellcoaches is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

As a Certified Wellcoach®, I am an expert in the behavioral and mindset changes that help to produce positive and sustainable lifestyles. When the mind is healthy, it helps to prevent and treat disease as well as promote well-being and a thriving lifestyle.

Medical Massage Therapy

My practice is firmly rooted in the science behind medical massage therapy. Using integrative massage therapy techniques, we can restore the body to a balanced and relaxed state and help treat the areas of your body suffering from injury or pain.

I have had great success in treating injury and alignment disfunction, utilizing the works of James Waslaski and Dr. Erik Dalton. Your emotional state intimately affects your physical state, and vice versa. To address the pains and physical needs of your body, you must also address the state of mind that helped ferment the situation.

Treat the client, the athlete, the person- and not just the symptom. There is no one size fits all when it comes to helping clients. That is why I have studied and continue to study many different forms of therapy: Shiatsu, Chinese and Medical Cupping, Structural Integration, Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Sports Massage to name a few.

I only see 4 clients a day allowing me to give each client the focus they deserve.