The healing power of touch

The power of healing your body through touch is both fascinating and amazing. It is fascinating because we know through tested methods and rigorous studies that it works to heal the body, mind, and perhaps the soul. It is amazing for the ability to heal while requiring nothing but the attention of the giver(s) and the receiver.

Touch can quiet a crying baby or calm an upset friend. Therapeutic Massage can be used to heal physical and emotional wounds. In a trusting relationship between a skilled Massage Therapist and a client, there is unlimited potential to heal what ails the client.


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Touch in the Medical Field

There are numerous studies proving the healing power of touch. Through looking at blood samples we know that a 45-minute deep tissue massages will lower Cortisol, Adrenaline and Noradrenaline levels while raising Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine levels. In other words, massage lowers all your stress hormones, while raising all your feel-good hormones. Massage can lower your blood pressure and promote Delta Wave activity in the brain, which are predominantly found in deep sleep. That may explain why so many folks find it easy to fall asleep on the massage table.

Therapeutic Massage is used everyday to treat the physical discomfort of professional and non-professional athletes. Through many years of studies and clinical trials, a skilled massage therapist can now accurately assess and treat muscle strains, sprains and joint dysfunctions and provide the client with hands on help that will facilitate the healing process.

Emotional Healing with Touch

Many people think that Massage Therapy is only useful when it comes to physical ailments . However, emotional pain can be treated by the healing powers of touch as well. Although recent studies indicate that there are two different mechanisms at work in the brain that decipher pain, the brain registers physical and emotional pain in a very similar way. The evidence is clear that Massage Therapy is successful at treating emotional pain. This is very useful for clients who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, body image issues, and emotional or socially induced pain. Therapeutic Massage allows the body to relax, feel safe, and let go of troubling memories or emotions.

Experience the power of touch

Today’s world can be a stressful and painful place, but it is also full of wonderful and magical experiences. Medical advances and powerful ancient healing tools are available to help ease pain. The healing power of touch is one of those ancient healing tools. Touch connects us, binds us, and reminds us that we are all part of a whole. Before you reach for that bottle of pills next time you feel pain, give touch a try. Healing your body through touch can lead to increased physical wellness and peace of mind.

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