Would you tip your doctor?

When was the last time you tipped your doctor? Never…..right? I know I never have. While I’m thankful for the care they provide me, I do not feel compelled to tip. I tip at restaurants…heck sometimes even at drive-throughs. I tip my barber, and I offer to tip folks that do work around my house. But, as an experienced massage therapist, I don’t accept tips. In my humble opinion, massage therapy should not be placed within the “service” industry category. I see bodywork and massage therapy as an integral part of preventative care and as a viable option for the treatment of sports injuries and chronic pain management. Studies show it can improve the quality of everyday life and effectively manage stress.(1)

How else can I help my massage therapist?

As a bodyworker, I strive to create a relationship of mutual respect with my clients as I help them heal their mind, body and soul. To accept tips from my clients would diminish the importance of what we can accomplish together. There are times when it is appropriate to tip a massage therapist. Many therapists work at places where their pay is low and they must rely on tips. But, I charge a fair price for my time and knowledge and I want my clients to respect the work we have done. The offer of a tip at the end of session, while appreciated, will be declined. Send a friend my way, write a review, or tell someone else how therapeutic massage can improve their lives. That is the best tip you could give. You are appreciated.

Enjoy your therapeutic massage

Everyone deserves time to relax without having to stress about money. I never want my clients to feel that a tip is tied to their massage experience. Knowing exactly what you will pay before your session even begins will relieve your mind of any unnecessary worry. I love the work that I do and I want each of my individual clients to get the most out of their session. Join me for a therapeutic massage and I will be sure to keep your mind at ease throughout the duration of your massage experience.

Cady, S. H., & Jones, G. E. (1997). Massage therapy as a workplace intervention for reduction of stress. Perceptual & Motor Skills, 84, 157-158.

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